Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Dont Forget to Set-up your TableGroup

spAXrrtaaaaaaaaann!! ...

Its been for a few month iv been working with Ax Standard. Usually if i make some table i don't care about this properties TableGroup. It's changed after iv got run the Sysdatabasetransdelete ...
there is some tables that iv made but when the class Sysdatabasetransdelete running n done ... my tables doesn't changed - especially for the records

After iv checked in the Sysdatabasetransdelete class... there's a some table group criteria.

Worksheetheader and

n Sysdatabasetransdelete class is execute the Group of Table :
WorkSheetHeader and

btw ... maybe u wondering why i used Sysdatabasetransdelete class?? ...
This Class is very useful to delete all transaction that have been recorded on a tables .... so its makes our application like start from the beginning. It is deleted all transaction but not for the basic data.

So for the spAXrtan ..dont forget to set up ur TableGroup on your Tables ....

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